Thursday, August 02, 2007

No Baseball in Tampa Tonight

It's official. The game over in Tampa tonight has been rained out. They will try for a doubleheader at Legends Field tomorrow.

The Last Time It Happened...
The last time the Threshers played a full nine-inning game was Saturday, July 28. It was an 8-2 victory over the Sarasota Reds in front of 4,000+ fans at Bright House Networks Field. The game lasted two hours and thirty-two minutes.


Who's on First? said...

HOw many DH have we got on our schedul now? By my quick look it seems we have five. That could be rough as the season comes to a close and the team tries to make a playoff push.

Of course if they can get a buch of wins in them it will be nice, but it sure adds more pressure.

Who's on First? said...

I need to learn to look back at my spelling before I click "publish comment"

Kevin in the Ticket Office said...

Five currently scheduled, though only two of them are set for Bright House Networks Field. The others are in Tampa, Lakeland, and Dunedin.

There is also one additional doubleheader that is TBD.

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