Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's HOT in July

At this moment, the Threshers team bus is somewhere near the East Coast closing in on Palm Beach. The Weather Channel reports that it 'feels like' 96 degrees right now near their destination. It's hot in July.

That said, which position player sitting on that bus right now has the hottest bat so far in the month of July? Would it be All-Star Greg Golson? What about All-Star Lou Marson? How about Jason Donald? If you answered none of the above, you would be correct. Through six games in the month of July, Brad Harman has eight hits in 20 at-bats which is good for a .400 batting average. He also has one home run and four RBIs.


Who's on First? said...

Harman has had a much needed turn around in July and is hitting 63 points higher since the all-star break.

The most notable jump since the all-star break has been Clay Harris. Harris lead the SAL in HR last year, but got off to a slow start hitting just .196 in the first half, but has turned that around hitting ,314 since the break.

Also, Matt Thayer who spent 5+ weeks on the DL has come back in the second half hitting .364 in his games back while he was solid at .275 before the break.

Lou Marson has been on a roll as well hitting .321 since the break while at .268 before.

What's on second said...

Jeff got a new calculator!

Post break stats are too small of a sample size to be significant. The dog days of August lie ahead. Let's hope these guys can keep hitting the ball

Who's on First? said... are correct about the sample size, and correct that we need to hope they continue to hit the ball...unfortunately I won't be making the park too much the rest of the year as I am having some health issues, but intend to continue to follow the team and keep updated.

Kevin in the Ticket Office said...

Get well!

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