Sunday, June 22, 2008

Game Day - Threshers vs Vero Beach Devil Rays (4:00 PM)

8:03 Update

Clearwater 0 Vero Beach 2 (Final)

4:30 PM Update

The tarp is currently on the field, and we are in a rain delay.

Original Post

It's a bright and sunny, beautiful day at Bright House Field... or is it? We just got done taking the tarp off for the second time today (the staff came in at 10:00 AM this morning to take it off from yesterday, only to have to put it back on about 50 minutes later when a somewhat unexpected downpour hit the area. Hopefully we're done for the day, and we start at 4:00 PM.

The Vero Beach Devil Rays are in town, but they are without David Price and JT Hall who were promoted to Montgomery (AA) last night.

No changes for the Threshers today.

If anything changes with the weather, we'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

Game today or no game?

Anonymous said...

What good is updating this kind of blog some of the time? Either update it or don't.

Threshers PR said...

I'm terribly sorry about that. We all have to pitch in with the tarp, etc... but the moment a game is postponed to a later date, I'll have it on here... otherwise, assume we're trying to play. Again, I'm terribly sorry.

Charles said...

Your doing a fine job and you never have to be sorry. It was a good game, even though we lost.

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