Friday, June 13, 2008

All-Star Game Weekend - Friday Afternoon Update

Welcome to Viera, Florida! The Threshers players and quite a few of the front office staff departed from Bright House Field this morning at just after 11:00 AM and arrived here in Viera this afternoon at around 2:30 PM here at the Holiday Inn.

Just to give you a little bit of a behind the scenes look, when we arrived in our rooms, we were greeted by a bag with the passes that we'll need for all the various events this weekend along with our ticket for tomorrow night's game.

There is an event here at the hotel in about an hour, a social hour of sorts for everyone. It should be a fun time. If there is anything of much substance to add tonight, we'll update later on.

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Jeff Crupper said...

And of course you'll be hooking the #1 Threshers fan up when he is in BC for the game...right? LOL!

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