Monday, June 23, 2008

Game Day - Threshers vs Vero Beach Devil Rays (7:00 PM)

9:30 Update - Vero Beach 3, Threshers 7 (FINAL)

Full story now on the main site.

Original Post - 1:10 PM EDT

Greetings Thresher fans! Hopefully this new work week is getting off to a great start for all of you.

Speaking of great starts, I was just checking up on Reading (AA affiliate of the Phillies) and saw that Tyson Brummett had a great start for them last Thursday, his first with the club since being called up earlier this month. He threw 8.2 innings, giving up just six hits and three runs while striking out five. Sam Walls, another former Thresher, picked up the save in the game, throwing the last out of the contest. Walls has picked up three saves in four opportuties.

Just a little word of protocol from here on out. While I will always strive to keep this blog as up-to-date as possible, sometimes other duties around the park will limit my ability to do that (i.e. pulling tarp). However, in the event of a postponement, it should be posted almost immediately after that decision is made. The official site will have that information, as well.


Tyler said...

Hey, do you know if the Clearwater Threshers Team baseball card sets are out yet? if so are they available for purchase at the field?

Threshers PR said...

Actually, we've just been putting the finishing touches on those. I don't know an exact date that we'll have them, but I'd believe it'll be soon.

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