Monday, October 15, 2007

AFL Update

The Arizona Fall League (AFL) is underway and it's time to take a quick look at how it is going so far for some familiar names.

Greg Golson | Through four games, Golson has a .313 batting average. He is tied at the top of the league with three doubles and five RBIs. He has also stolen one base.

Joe Bisenius | In two relief appearances, Bisenius (1-0 ; 0.00 ERA) has struck out four and given up just one hit.

Patrick Overholt | Struck out one in his first one-inning relief appearance. Struggled a couple days later in a slightly longer (1.2 innings) relief appearance giving up four hits and two runs.

Josh Outman | Gave up two runs on two hits in a two-inning start just a few days ago. He also struck out two. His next start is tomorrow.

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