Friday, June 22, 2007

Tiki Seats rank second in travel story

Thanks to Ticket Office staffer Emanuel, who alerted me to this story from

Bob Carson, publisher of the popular Minor Trips directory and newsletter, believes this is the kind of oasis Florida teams need to attract fans to their often sweltering ballparks. "If any franchise can shake the attendance lethargy that plagues the Florida State League it is the Threshers at Bright House Field," Carson said. "Sure it's hot in Florida, but sitting in the Tiki Seats down the left-field line for a beverage or two is a cool deal. Strolling to the Tiki Seats is a trip to Margaritaville."

Check out the whole story from travel writer Josh Pahigian here.


Garrett said...

I have to admit that I've heard about Toledo's Roost (the only seats ahead of our own Tiki Bar) and have heard nothing but praise about them. We must have been a close second.

We still have an better ballpark overall than Toledo..LOL.

Phinley said...

Let the hens have their 'roost'. The Tiki is the place to be!

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