Thursday, May 17, 2007

Recent transactions

Time to recap some of our recent transactions

May 13
Michael Zagurski promoted to Reading

May 16
Eude Brito added from Ottawa's disabled list
Nate Johnson added from Reading

Some background on our new players:

Eude Brito - Played in 11 games for the Philadelphia Phillies over the last couple of years. He has only pitched in four games coming out of the bullpen for Ottawa so far this season. He pitched for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic last year. Brito has never suited up for the Clearwater Threshers, but he did play for the old Clearwater team in 2002 and 2003.

Nate Johnson - He had an 8-3 record with a 2.57 ERA in 45 games as a Thresher in 2006. He has appeared in 11 games this season for Reading. He has struck out 10 batters in only 13.1 innings of work for the R-Phils in 2007. His wife Shannon, who worked in our Diamond Outfitters store during his assignment in Clearwater, gave birth to the couple's first child during the off-season.


SF Fan in FL said...

What about Evangelista? I saw that he was added to the roster, but then was added to the Suspended list a couple days later. Any word on how long he will be unavailable?

SF Fan in FL said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... any word on Dominic Brown? I saw him at the game last week in uniform, but not on the roster. Do you think we will get to see him anytime soon?

Kevin in the Ticket Office said...

The length of Evangelista's suspension is not known. It was for a violation of the organization's rules.

Dominic Brown is with Extended Spring Training. I couldn't predict his next destination with any confidence.

Who's on First? said...

For what it's worth...through the gravevine...from

Mike Zagurski called up?

Just had an e-mail hit my inbox stating Zagurski has been called up and will be in the bullpen on Friday. This leads to me to believe, if true, that Myers is headed to the DL. Stay tuned, nothing official yet, and it could just mean one of the guys who never sees the light of day (Hernandez, Yoel) could be waived.