Monday, April 30, 2007

It's time for a Feeding Frenzy!

Tonight kicks off our Feeding Frenzy Monday promotion for the 2007 Clearwater Threshers season. All tickets are just $10 and include an All-You-Can-Eat Menu from 6:00-9:00pm.

Remember, if you are a season ticket holder, you are included in the Frenzy at no extra charge! Remember to stop by a wristband table or the Customer service/Advance ticket window to pick up your wristband.

The unused season ticket exchange program is not available on Mondays due the Frenzy.

Tonight's menu includes hot dogs, hamburgers, Westshore Pizza, and much more.

Tonight's special guest restaurant appears to be Buffalo Wild Wings.

Spread the word and enjoy Feeding Frenzy Monday all summer long.

Updated at 4:40pm: Lineups have been posted.

For the Ft. Myers Miracle:
  1. # 7 Juan Portes (2B)
  2. # 8 Steve Tolleson (SS)
  3. # 15 Jeff Cirillo (3B)
  4. # 32 Erik Lis (LF)
  5. # 11 Whit Robbins (DH)
  6. # 21 Eli Tintor (CF)
  7. # 9 Edward Ovalle (RF)
  8. # 16 Caleb Moore (C)
  9. # 10 Matt Betsill (1B)

Starting on the mound is # 31 Alexander Smit

For the Clearwater Threshers:

  1. # 3 Victor Hall (RF)
  2. # 2 Greg Golson (CF)
  3. # 10 Michael Spidale (LF)
  4. # 21 Jeremy Slayden (DH)
  5. # 25 Clay Harris (1B)
  6. # 27 Welinson Baez (3B)
  7. # 12 Brad Harman (2B)
  8. # 6 Lou Marson (C)
  9. # 13 Fidel Hernandez (SS)

Starting on the mound is # 16 Dan Brauer


Anonymous said...

I totally understand why the unused ticket exchange program isn't valid on Feeding Frenzy Days, but I'm wondering if any thought was given to letting us exchange a ticket if we pay the price difference?

Kevin in the Ticket Office said...

Yes. Thought was given to that option during several of our planning meetings.

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