Thursday, April 05, 2007

Catching up on comments

I do apologize for taking so long to respond to some of the comments on the blog, and not having any new postings in awhile. Been putting in 60+ hours weeks finishing up Spring Training and getting ready for the Threshers season and still haven't had time for the blog. Hopefully that will change and I'll get better now that the season has started.

On to the recent comments...

SF Fan in FL said, "I have a quick question for you Kevin...I have not financially been able to purchase my season tickets yet, however would like to do so within the first month of the season. So, would the price be prorated to when I actually purchase them? Also, would the VIP card still be part of the package?"

My response - It probably would not be prorated. Updated on 4/6 at 11am - Just wanted to clarify something. While the season package probably would not be prorated, you would be able to use the tickets from the games you missed as part of our Unused Season Ticket Exchange Program.

Ben said, "I read on CBS Sportsline that Freddie An Garcia would be the opening night pitcher. Is this true? IF it is I'll have to bring the kids."

My response - I know this is a few hours too late, but according to the lineup I just saw about 2 hours ago, yes, he is scheduled to start tonight.

Anonymous said, "Kevin,Have you thought about putting a link to this blog on the home page? Unless one knows it exists or is poking around in the older news articles there is no way for a person to find it."

My response - I try to keep the news article on the front page as a way to make up for the lack of a permanent link. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get it (a permanent link) on there as of yet. I'll keep trying.

SF Fan in FL said, "I just had another thought that would surely get me more involved... a General Comments section/post. A place where we the fans can direct the conversations and throw out some comments about things that you haven't necessarily touched on, without having to be in our own (poorly visited) blogger/blogspot pages. Either way, I am sure that once the season actually begins, participation will improve.Also, do you have any info yet on the Mike Alstott Celebrity Softball Tourney? I just saw a commercial last night about it."

My response - I have not been able to get authorization as of yet for a message board type venue. I can start new blog posts on some topics that the fans want. Just let me know what they are and we'll get it started. We've got some info on the Alstott Event at our Buy Tickets Now portion of our website here. Basic info is that it is scheduled for Thursday, April 26 the Gates Open 5:00pm, Home Run Derby is at 6:00pm and the Game Time is 7:00pm. Some player names include Warren Sapp, Fred McGriff, Shelton Quarles & Michael Pittman. I also got some more names today that haven't been posted yet. They include: Derrick Brooks, Joey Galloway, Chris Simms, Wade Boggs, and Ron Diaz among many others.

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