Monday, April 14, 2008

'Kevin in the Ticket Office' Says Goodbye

Just wanted to let all of our readers and commentors know that this will be my last post as 'Kevin in the Ticket Office'.

As most of you know, this blog has been my baby. I created it, I designed it, and I've written and edited it.

New folks in the Ticket Office and hopefully throughout the Threshers offices will take over the blog, and hopefully provide a fresh point of view and some great content. I hope so, because I'll be reading it as well!


What's on Second said...


Thanks for all that you have done to keep Thresher fans informed. Your blog is far more informative than anything found on

Best of luck to you!

Charles said...


The best of all wishes to you. You will be missed.

Who's on First? said...

Best of luck Kevin...and, who the heck is "What's on second?" LOL!