Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Threshers Promotions Meeting Tomorrow

There is a Threshers Promotions meeting setup for tomorrow afternoon to discuss some what worked and what didn't work last year.

We should be talking about the Weekly Promos (ie. Feeding Frenzy Monday, Bright House Networks Family Day, etc.), Giveaways (Bobbleheads, Jerseys, etc.), Theme Nights, and more!

What promotions did you like?

What promotions did you dislike?

What would you like to see in 2008?

Let me know and I will pass along your thoughts and ideas to the folks in the meeting.


joefdelach said...

Feeding Frenzy Monday was the best!!! It was so nice to get seats near the concorse and inbetween each inning get a hot dog, or maybe a cheesestake, or maybe try the local vendors. It was fun watching the game while thinking in my head, "What will I get next inning?" I personally would even be interested in an all Monday ticket plan. Anyways, I love what you guys do at the ballpark and I can't wait til April

Kevin in the Ticket Office said...

I got the Feeding Frenzy Monday mini-plan inserted into the conversation yesterday. No decision was made on it yet thought.

What do you think should go in the plan if there was going to be one?

joefdelach said...

You could do a lot with this.

-Say if there's 10 Monday games, make it the price of 7
-Include a gift certificate to a restaurant that advertises with you
-Include a free 2007 FSL Champs t-shirt and/or hat
-Include drink vouchers
-Include a ticket to a non-Monday game of the fans' choice
-Include a Monday parking pass

You could do any of those or any combination of them. Thanks for involving fans in the process and let me know if the plan becomes available.

-Joe Delach