Saturday, September 08, 2007

Threshers Chase Championship in Brevard County

The Clearwater Threshers beat the Sarasota Reds 4-3 last night at Ed Smith Stadium to advance to the Florida State League Championship Series against the Brevard County Manatees.

Shane Figueroa has a great game recap with quotes from Clearwater Threshers players on

The Threshers traveled after the game to the East Coast to get ready for Game 1 tonight at 7:00pm in Brevard County.


Who's on First? said...

Congratulations gang. Too bad I can't make the trip to Brevard County this weekend, but I will anxioulsy await the team's return on Monday, and will find solice in the fact that I can listen to the game live on the internet.

Kevin in the Ticket Office said...

I didn't go, but from what I've been told by someone at the game, there are a good amount of Threshers staff and fans that have made the trip.