Thursday, December 07, 2006

Former Thresher Joe Bisenius may end up in Philly's bullpen in '07

Ken Mandel of has a story up that talks about the Winter Meetings, the Rule 5 Draft, and Joe Bisenius.

"He's throws hard, touching 97," said Steve Noworyta, director of Minor Leagues. "Any time you have a guy throwing that kind of number, you have to give him a look."

Noworyta said Bisenius is generally in the 92-94 mph range, but brought the gas on a night when he was being watched. Bisenius is looked at as a long shot to make the bullpen, but Noworyta said he might be factor at some point in 2007.

Eventually, he might be a closer.

"Possibly," he said. "He's got the makeup. When he crosses the line, he turns into a different person. His fastball is dominant."

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