Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lakeland Tigers to change name

Just saw this release, Lakeland Tigers to Unveil New Team Name on Veterans Day over on OurSports Central.

According to the release, they'll be using this new name starting in April 2007.

This comes as a surprise to me. How about you?

UPDATED 11/13/06 9:30am: They went with the 'Flying Tigers'. Check out some pictures from Saturday's unveiling including the new logo here. (Thanks to Garrett for the link)

UPDATED 11/13/06 12:15pm: Here is a story out of the Network.

UPDATED 11/13/06 12:20pm: The local newspaper in Lakeland (The Ledger) has this story.


Anonymous said...

Kevin's Fantasy Football team sucks this year.

Kevin in the Ticket Office said...

To be fair Brad, while I'm 12 out of 12 in that league right now, I'm also 1 out of 10 in another... 7 out of 12 in another and 8 out of 12 in another..

Anonymous said...

I heard about Lakeland changing their name a few months ago.

A couple of names that are being kicked around are, "Flying Tigers", "Swans", and "Sky Cats".

I have no idea where they get Swans from, but the other 2 keep recognition to the Tigers and emphasizing Lakeland's aircraft history

Kevin in the Ticket Office said...

The best of those three in my opinion would have to be 'Flying Tigers'.