Friday, May 12, 2006

Half Day/Relay for Life

It's a Half Day at the office for most folks. I should be getting out of here in the next half hour or so. Some folks will go out to play golf, others will go off on their own and run errands that have been piling up. I'll probably run a couple errands and go home and watch some TV that's been filling up my TiVo and DVR. Someone will be here to cover the Ticket Office for all the phone calls and walk-ups until our regular closing time at 4pm.

Relay for Life is here at the ballpark overnight, so many folks will come back for that. My walking shift isn't until midnight, so I'll be back a little before then. Did it last year and it's a great feeling.

The Threshers seem to be doing well on the road. Picked up a couple of wins and it appears that a couple of guys are getting promoted to Reading today.

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